Eggs, beautiful Sunday eggs!

Lots of food blogs and recipes tend to overcomplicate things but we at Cerami love simplicity. That’s why we thought of prepping our fav weekend brunch for you, something that should just take you 15’ to prep and then all the time you want to enjoy!

Eggs à la Cerami it is then!

What you’ll need for 4 people:
- 8 eggs (2 each)
- 4 beautiful slices of bread, we prefer spelt flour as it’s super healthy and full of protein
- 2 avocados (soft!)
- 1 red and 1 green pepper (or whatever colours you like!)
- Cup of mushrooms
- Cup of cherry tomatoes
- Tea spoon of fine English mustard
- Tea spoon of olive oil
- Salt and pepper
Let’s prep it, 10’ counting:
- Veg: Chop peppers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms (whatever size you like), add olive oil and finely chopped parsley and put on baking paper in the over for 10’, 220 celsius, air + grill
- Eggs: Boil water in a deep pan and when boiling add the eggs; use your watch to count exactly 6 minutes and 15 seconds for perfectly running yolk
- Avo: Finely chop the 2 avocados, add the lemon juice and mustard and make a nice guacamole-ish mash - season with salt
- Toast: Just 2 minutes in the toaster for nice crust!

    Let’s bring it together, 5’ and ready:

    - Warm bread and avo mash - nice combo to start, right?
    - Use a tea spoon to easily remove the eggshells and place 2 eggs on each toast
    - Garnish the simply roasted veg on and around the eggs
    - Season with salt & pepper (and maybe some basil leaves if you like!)

    - Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and some lemon

      Now for the most important bit, boomerang when cutting the egg open and the perfect yolk starts running off the sides of the toast on the veg!!!

      Voilà, ENJOY!

      Lots of LOVE,

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