Some of our favourite food bloggers in the UK!

Happy Sunday friends and family!

We love scouting our Instagram and getting inspiration from so many amazingly talented and passionate people that work tirelessly cooking and presenting beautiful plates, creating new innovative recipes recipes or trying out new restaurants. These people not only love the same thing we do (FOOD!!!) but also invest so much in building their profiles by adding real daily value and inspiring people like us that share the same passions with them. And oh boy, these pictures, how much talent goes in every single piece of content they create!

So, we decided to tell you which ones are our favourites here in the UK, these food bloggers that we’ve turned our “new post notification” on in order to get notified every time they post a new recipe, a restaurant review or just a picture from a recent trip. We hope you get inspired as we do - there you go (there is no particular reason for the order below!)...

1. @mynutricalendar [check out the amazing blog too!]

Marialena is Greek and lives in London. Her photography is astonishing and her cooking skills clearly amazing. We love every single bit she puts our there and get inspired daily with her Mediterranean inspired, healthy cooking! Worth following her blog for amazing new recipes!

Image by @mynutricalendar


Justyna is a quirky vegan foody living in Brighton. She is a food photographer and also creates a ton of beautiful, inspiring vegan recipes. Her photography is lively and colourful, a true inspiration!

Image by

3. @veganpixie_

Georgia has been vegan since Jan’17 and since then she’s been filling our instagram with stunning pictures and recipes. A real inspiration for aspiring food bloggers and an amazing resource for vegan recipes!

Image by @veganpixie_

4. @hayleyfoscan [check out the youtube channel too!]

Haley combines beautiful food with amazing travel experiences and beauty advise. We just adore every single bit she does (and also get constantly jealous with her travels!). If you want to day dream browsing Hayley’s Instagram then we suggest you turn on post notifications!

Image by @hayleyfoscan

5. @themunchbrunchkids

The name says it all and their Instagram profile description just makes perfect sense, they are some kids EGGS-PLORING London. Every picture is just on another level and makes us want to it brunch throughout the day. If you are looking for your next weekend brunch #inspo in London then you need to follow these kids!

Image by @themunchbrunchkids

6. @chilli.and.cakes [check out the stunning blog too!]

You just need to follow Faiza. No ifs and buts. She is a true inspiration, a recipe developer, busy mom, wife, amazing cook, you name if. And the best part, it’s the photography. Dark but colourful, innovative, consistently stunning, just stunning! Follow her on Instagram and on for lots of food!

Image by @chilli.and.cakes

7. @georgieeatsuk [check out the AMAZING blog too]

Georgie eats, this says it all! She is constantly happy, she loves healthy eating and honest food. And the best part, she is a freelance recipe developer so if you want some help putting together a fancy dinner for your friends then maybe it’s worth reaching out! Follow her website too, for lots but lots of food inspiration!

Image by @georgieeatsuk

That's all folks!

We hope you enjoyed the piece and as always please don't hesitate to drop a comment below or get in touch via webchat!

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