Spinach and Feta Fylo Pie!

Greek Spinach and Feta Fylo Pie - Food, Inspiration Blog

Are you as hungry for the weekend as we are?

Did you know that this Sunday 28/04/19 it’s Orthodox Easter? Yes, Orthodox Easter rotates around the Catholic one and this year is one week after.

Greek Easter in particular is quite a food celebration. Typical delicacies include spit roast lamb, moussaka, a variety of fried and baked vegetables and “mageiritsa” which is a quite unique soup made with lamb belly, greens and beaten egg with lemon.

Another favourite is the famous Spanakopita or Spinach and Feta pie which is the focus for today! A glorious pie that can be made with spinach as well as other seasonal greens, feta cheese and a beautiful fylo crust. You should definitely try this pie, you can’t go wrong with it and friends and family will absolutely love it!

Spinach and Feta Fylo Pie


1. Use a large pan, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin oliv oil and sautee a bunch of finely chopped spring onions, 2 leaks and 1 red onion until golden tender
2. Add 2 courgettes chopped in cubes and continue shimmering for a couple of minutes
3. Add 500g of spinach and another 500g of any seasonal greens you love (can be swiss chard, kale, or just more spinach!)
4. Once nice and tender (and reduced in volume) remove from heat and also drain excessive waters (spinach tends to have lots of water)
5. Put into a bowl and mix with 300g of greek feta which you have nicely crumbled and 2 eggs
6. Salt and pepper to taste (yes please taste your filling!) and leave on the side to cold down
7. Take your beautiful fylo pastry sheets (you should get amazing greek fylo rather than puff pastry) and start layering them at the bottom of a rectangular or round (we used a round one) anti-sticking baking tray
8. We need 5 at the bottom all layered and then drizzled in between with extra virgin olive oil; you don’t need to much olive oil, just make sure you use your hands to spread it across the fylo sheet
9. Once you’ve layered the first 5 and created nice borders around the baking tray you can add the filling and spread it evenly throughout
10. Then add the rest of the 5 fylo sheets again drizzling with olive oil
11. The 2 top fylo sheets you use them to create waves, just like the sea; doing so makes them become nicely crunchy and gives a beautiful look at your pie
12. Finish up with some more olive oil and sprinkle sesame seeds
13. Preheat your oven at 180 degrees, air and put your pie in; it will take 45-60 to become golden brown (use the picture for guidance!) and it’s ready

Now just cut, listen to the magical sound of the crunchy fylo and ENJOY!

Spinach and Feta Fylo Pie - Inspiration Food Blog

Spinach and Feta Fylo Pie - Inspiration Food Blog

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